Welcome to Dark Moon!

OK, I'm not a blogger by nature, but there are a lot of details to explain about Dark Moon, that just don't fit into social media posts, so I might as well get started here!  I'm Tom Freeman, or "Freematik", the creator of Dark Moon, and I appreciate you taking the time to check out our unique comic!

Dark Moon is a comic that uses music and sound FX as an essential part of the storytelling process.  This is not new to comics, but our contribution to this genre will be very unique, both with the music and artwork.  There are two main ways to experience the comic, one is an online "motion" version that will be available in the "Motion Books" section of Deviantart.  The other is to read the comic while listening to our complete soundtrack.  Both of these experiences are different, but tell the same story.  We feel this adds a multi-dimensional aspect to the comics' universe, which we will further increase in other ways (more on this coming soon).

The artwork for Dark Moon is done by Benedick Bana, who I met online through Deviantart, and have never met in person!  But I think we make a good team, as I was able to translate what was in my head, plus some horrible stick figure drawings in a storyboard, and he was able to turn this into all the images needed to create the amazing first issue that will be coming soon!

So stay tuned, I will be posting more here soon.  I appreciate your patience as I learn the art of blogging ;-)  

-Tom Freeman