What’s Next? (Part 1)

Getting to where we are at now, with three episodes available, music videos based on our comic, great music based on our series, a print edition, etc. has been quite a journey!  Since I had no experience in comics, being mainly a music producer previously, I had no idea if we were going to be able to pull off even one of these episodes, much less three of them!  What has really been the most exciting and surprising part, is that there are people out there who really, really love our series and what we are doing!

If it weren’t for the fans of the series, I would have stopped after our first motion comic, since it really began as an “art experiment” to try a unique combination of music and art.  I had hopes of telling the whole story, but was being realistic in thinking this might not be accepted by comic and horror fans, since as mentioned the artist and I had no experience making a comic, much less a motion comic!

We made a lot of mistakes on the way, but also did some things so well it’s scary!  As a comic and horror fan myself, I am happy that there are moments in the series that are truly wonderful and scary.  It also was fun to roll the first and third episode out near halloween, and have Dark Moon become part of many people’s halloween experience!

So now we have fans wanting to know what is next with the series and where we are going with it, which is a good problem ;-)  The truth is, we are still figuring this out, but I will give you a quick version of what we are planning in this post, and go into more specifics on the next one.  BTW- sorry this post is getting long, I haven’t written one in a while!  

Dark Moon’s primary story arc is 9 episodes, so fans that have watched all three so far are a third of the way into the story!  Now that we have completed 3 episodes, we are taking a break for a while to regroup and upgrade Dark Moon for the next set of episodes.  By the way, the reason there are nine episodes is that there are 8 phases of the moon, plus the return to the original phase, which makes 9!  Also, it worked great for Star Wars so nine episodes it is! ;-)

During this break we are investigating ways to make our experience even better, for example, we are planning to take the series to Youtube next year, and plan on re-issuing the first three episodes in this format, which would allow us to add more motion and action as well as voice acting for the characters.  Also, Youtube as a format is great for fans, so I think this will be a HUGE deal.  But to do it right it will take a lot of time!  

In addition to this we will be active during this break from new episodes.  We will be updating the existing first episode to match the lettering of the other two (we found an amazing letterer, Kuen Tang, during the making of the second episode) and making other small improvements.  Also, we are planning on releasing more music, including what should be an amazing album featuring some great artists next year.  In addition to this we will be adding prints and more clothing options for sale on our site.  

So, the current rough plan is to get back to making new episodes later in 2016, but in the meantime upgrade the way we offer the comic, and really think out the future of Dark Moon seriously.  In the meantime we will be releasing music, art, music videos, etc. so you will still see some cool updates from us, but new episodes will have to wait until at least Fall 2016.  Trust me, this will be for the best, since I have some really ambitious plans for where this story is headed, but to pull it off will require some serious preparation and planning!

In part 2 of this blog post about “What’s Next” I will get into more specifics about what we will be up to soon, such as the comic series coming to Youtube, the update of Episode 1, our next official music album, and more!