State of the Dark Moon

As previously mentioned, I am not a great blogger.  My last post was before Dark Moon #1 was released, and now I am writing the next post months after the comic has been released.  Also in the meantime the collectors’ edition print comic was released, then a series of music videos using imagery and music from the series.  It’s been a crazy fun time and the best part is, a lot of fans really “get” us, which is great because sometimes I don’t even get it, but I sure do love doing it!

Dark Moon Episode #1 is everything I was hoping it would be, and by the reviews and fan comments so far, it seems like we have a recipe for something people really enjoy as well!  I think we have found a proper home for our comic with Madefire, which enables us to bring our combination of art, music, and motion to people on any computer, as well as phones and tablets on either iOS or Droid.  

Here is the link to the motion version of Dark Moon Episode #1 created with the Madefire app, and hosted on DeviantArt.

We also released Episode #1 as a PDF + Soundtrack download, so a reader could, for example, load the PDF on their tablet, while playing the mp3’s, and get the full Dark Moon experience on their tablet or any other device.  This is available on our shop here for only $2.95.

To honor the original concept of Dark Moon, before it morphed into a motion comic, we decided to release the print comic to actually hold and read while listening to the soundtrack.  This is a limited edition product meant for collectors and super fans, and while the production of this proved to be difficult (long story), I am really happy it is available on our store and making it’s way out to fans and comic book shops!  Holding the print comic while listening to music designed to specifically fit the mood is a truly fun and immersive experience.

We also did something that we can’t think of any other comic doing, which is to release four animated music videos based on our comic!  In many ways, these videos are as true to the concept of Dark Moon as the comic book is, since the idea is to connect visuals and music to tell a story that can’t be “felt” without both of these elements.  I think all of the videos are amazing in their own way, so if you haven’t yet, please check them out on our Youtube channel.

There’s a lot more to talk about, so I'll be writing more posts soon!  We are getting deep into Dark Moon #2 production, and I think the story really starts to pick up in this next episode, so get ready for a wild ride!