Why Does It Take So Long?

Each episode takes us quite a while to make!  Our three part intro mini-series will take a year from the first episode , which was released around Halloween 2014, to the third episode, coming out this Halloween 2015.

So why does it take so long?  Well one thing is that a motion comic in general takes more time than a print comic, but even then, we move at a fairly slow pace.  Luckily our fans have been very patient (which I REALLY appreciate), and actually I’m surprised that no one has really pushed us to move faster.  So here is a little bit about why it takes us an average of 4 months to make each episode!

Well for one thing, like so many other artists in the world, we are doing this out of spare time when we aren’t working, taking care of family, getting sick, and basically living life.  I know, for me personally, it is quite a crazy balance, especially because I tend to want to spend a lot of time on the comic, but also have lots of “life stuff” to deal with nowadays.  This balance is all very similar to what almost all artists deal with, so I don’t think any of us would complain!

A lot of people don’t realize that the majority of the comic is created by three people: the artist Benedick Bana, the letterer Kuen Tang, and myself.  This has to be one of the smallest motion comic teams!  I am really proud of what we are able to accomplish, and can only imagine what we could do with more resources!  

The last reason our comic takes a long time to make is the soundtrack creation process.  Unlike most multimedia projects, we don’t use pre-made music, all the music is created originally for the comic.  And to ensure the music is amazing, I spend a huge amount of time working on the soundtrack.  I could “get by” with minimalistic music, but instead have been working very hard to make classic horror soundtrack music that can be listened to on it’s own.  I am a fan of horror soundtracks myself, and am very proud to say that the music from Dark Moon could be put up against a lot of amazing horror movie soundtracks.

So, while we are looking for a publisher, which would allow us to greatly speed up production, these are some of the reasons our comic takes longer than some others.  We have a lot of fun making the comic, and look forward to bringing you much more of Dark Moon in the future!