Winter Break

It’s been an amazing two years going from taking Dark Moon from an idea I had, with absolutely no comic making experience, to a full fledged motion comic!  I could not have done it without finding an amazing artist, Benedick Bana, and an amazing letterer, Kuen Tang.  What is surprising to me still is that despite our very small team, and very little combined comic experience (only our letterer has worked on comics before), that we have put something together that fans really enjoy!  I think it’s a testimony to how much love and effort are put into the process, and I am constantly amazed that fans are able to pick up these qualities, some of which are extremely subtle.

Fans have been asking, “When is Dark Moon #4 coming out?” and while we are itching to keep moving as quick as possible towards the finish line (which in our case is episode #8) we are going to really take our time before offering the next episode.  Right now Dark Moon #4 is tentatively scheduled for this Fall 2016, to give us time to rest up as well as prepare to take the comic series into a new level of awesomeness.  So I think fans will understand…  what we have been doing good, we will be getting ready to do even better!

For me in particular, I’m a little “obsessive” when it comes to my art projects, so over these last two years, taking care of the story, music, motion design, marketing, etc. for Dark Moon has been an amazing process, but my nature is to obsess over little detail, which can be exhausting after two straight years, so this break, which really started in November, has been and will be great for me to pace myself to finish this thing in an amazing fashion! 

Also, the break is an opportunity to look at how to reach the Dark Moon #8 finale in the best way that we can.  While we will get there no matter what, we are investigating the best method to deliver the series to the world.  This will involve looking for a publisher, investigating a Kickstarter campaign, and other possibilities.  While there are a lot of directions we could go, I think fans of the series will appreciate the effort we will be making to find the right way to complete Dark Moon!

So even during the break, we will not be totally quiet.  We will have updates about our search for a publisher and other topics.  I will do interviews about other developments, such as an update to Dark Moon #1 to match the lettering and style of the other two episodes.  Also, we will be gearing up for an amazing rest of the series!  I have already completed a detailed outline for the next three episodes, and can tell you the story has tons of amazing action and horror moments, can’t wait to bring this to you!  Also, during this break, I am producing more music for the Dark Moon series, some of which will be released well before the next episode!

So, long story short, we have appreciated all the love and support as we have gotten Dark Moon to where it is, and we are committed to finishing this awesome story in the best way we can!