Smooth Animator

I’m happy to announce that we have found a new animator and can begin making plans to start the Dark Moon animated movie fundraiser and then production!  We will release more info about our new animator soon, so you can get a feel for his work and what to expect.  I am extremely happy that not only does he do very cool, innovative work, but also he is cool to work with, and is committed to making the Dark Moon movie awesome!

I have REALLY high expectations for this movie, in my mind I can already see it, and definitely the trailer hints at the potential, but I think fans will be amazed when it is completed.  There is so much to look forward to, some can be mentioned, such as the completion of the story that was started with our motion comic, as well as the voiceover by Tony Todd bringing Dante to life, and other exciting aspects are being kept secret for now, but I expect that fans will be thrilled with what we are going to do with the movie.  More secrets will be released soon ;-)

So after a break while we searched for a new animator, we are back at work on creating one of the coolest new sci-fi/ horror experiences, and think you will enjoy what you see from us soon!