What's Next? (Part 2)

The first part of this blog post was a practical look at where we are going in the next couple months and near future.  In this second part I’d like to pontificate in a more abstract and meandering fashion about the other possibilities that go through my mind as I’ve contemplated the future of this series on a near daily basis for over two years now.

The core of the Dark Moon experience will always be the combination of a unique style of both music and art, to create moments that are “bigger” than they would have been on their own.  Motion comics, of which I had only seen a few of before beginning Dark Moon, actually fits us really well.  From the beginning, however, I have pondered, almost like a zen koan, on what else Dark Moon could be.  Other ways to tell the story could include a movie, game, web mini-series, print comic with soundtrack (which we did try as a concept!), as well as more esoteric concepts such as a live music act with projected images, a virtual reality experience, and all sorts of other possibilities have passed through my mind.

All of these would be incredibly fun to pull off.  I even have an idea for the series that I can’t even mention here, because I consider it a complete paradigm shift for entertainment in general, and don’t want to give the concept away to ruin the surprise!  I should be very clear, however, that like many people, I have some amazing ideas, but my ability to pull them off is limited by lack of both money and experience ;-)  But then again, I would have never guessed we would have produced three awesome motion comics at this point either, so it is fun to keep dreaming big!

All of the above ideas have a lot of potential.  I would love to see what a good film team could do with Dark Moon, I feel like we could maintain the right atmosphere that is missing from most sci-fi/horror movies, especially the low budget ones.  I also really love the virtual reality concept, as I think this is going to be a very exciting medium for horror in the next few years.  The ability to completely surround a person’s senses and have horrible things creep up on them in virtual reality is amazing.  As a musician that used to love playing live as a youth (seems like a billion years ago), I also am really excited about the live music concept, this would be hard to pull off at first, but could be possible if other parts fall into place.  Like I mentioned, it is a lot of fun to dream big, sometimes the dream is even more important than what finally happens…

So as we are on this break from production, I am trying to keep the possibilities wide open, and look for opportunities where they arise.  As mentioned, I have very little experience in anything besides music production, so all of this is very new to me.  But at this point I have seen how much fun people have watching our series, and am determined to continue making Dark Moon one of the most original entertainment experiences ever!