The Dark Moon Story Arc

Q: “How many episodes long is Dark Moon’s story arc?”

A: “Let me get back to you” (if you don’t want to read below it’s 8)

This was my answer when first starting Dark Moon, because while I’ve always known basically where the story would go, much of the later part of the story was in a state of quantum flux, sort of like a dream you only remember the really visceral moments of, with the rest leaving only a shadow of substance.  

As mentioned a number of times on this blog and in interviews, I made Dark Moon #1 as a concept at first, just to see if was possible to make a comic that interweaved music into its very soul, and whether people would “get it”.   If it wasn’t for the awesome fans that saw what we were doing and really appreciated it, it would have ended there as a concept.

So I originally had a really rough idea of the story being nine episodes long, probably mostly inspired by Star Wars.  But also, I like the number nine, I think it is a mysterious number.  So at one point I was saying that the Dark Moon story arc was nine episodes.

But the whole time, I also wanted the story arc’s length to be correlated with the phases of the moon, of which there are eight.  Also, the number eight is believed by many to be lucky, so that is cool.  

Finally, when I recently outlined the rest of the Dark Moon story in detail (it gets AWESOME by the way) it just seemed to work better as an eight episode series, so that sealed the deal.  So officially now the Dark Moon series is eight episodes long, with each episode representing a phase of the moon, I think this fits nicely ;-)

Now that doesn’t mean that Dark Moon HAS to end after eight, there are always side stories, prequels, sequels, etc. but I hope it gives the reader an idea of where they are at in the series.