How the Lost Boys Soundtrack Inspired Dark Moon

When I have been asked in interviews about musical influences for Dark Moon, I usually quickly remember examples such as John Carpenter, which is definitely a good answer, but just recently I started thinking about how much the Lost Boys in general, and especially the music, was such a key factor in my young life and in making me want to blend horror and music in my own way.  These experiments eventually turned into the Dark Moon motion comic series!

I grew up in San Jose, California, and when I was young, my best friend at the time moved to Santa Cruz, which was where the Lost Boys was filmed.  His mom was a make-up artist for low budget horror movies, and we were both extremely into horror, and had even heard beforehand that the movie would be made in the area, and it was like a dream come true that the hottest horror movie at the time was being made right where we hung out!

I still think the late 80’s was the pinnacle of the horror scene, at least for me, it was just SO MUCH FUN to be into horror at the time.  I’m also very lucky that my Mom let me watch these sort of movies way before I was 18!  So when Lost Boys came out I was already worked into a frenzy, and the afterglow of the movie lasted for months, and would return whenever I visited my friend in Santa Cruz.  I felt like I was walking around inside the movie. 

Then a while after the movie, the soundtrack came out.  I had remembered the music was great, but when I bought the soundtrack and listened to it, it was almost as cool of an experience as the movie!  It is an amazing combination of music, and I was able to constantly dive back into the feeling I got from the movie each time I played it.  It was also one of those things that you could start a friendship over in school: “If this person is cool enough to like the Lost Boys soundtrack, maybe I could hang out with them?”  

Even after years of not watching the movie, I could listen to the soundtrack and be taken somewhere that the songs alone wouldn’t have taken me.  Because I had experienced the songs as part of this awesome movie, they would always have a different effect on me, a different “mental signature” if you will.  I probably never would have liked songs like “Cry Little Sister” if they weren’t placed so perfectly in the movie.

The soundtrack was incredibly popular, at least in the demographic I grew up in, and more than that, it was a part of my life.  I can still return to a simpler and funner time, just by listening to this soundtrack.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to offer this feeling to someone else, and it took over 20 years, but I feel like the first Dark Moon comic soundtrack comes really close to this, and have been really happy to hear some responses from fans that indicate we at least somewhat succeeded at making horror with cool music at the core of the experience.

I would also like to thank some of the amazing hip hop artists on our first soundtrack, such as Myka 9, Ad Kapone, Chunk, Lasro, Lokey, Mad Shad, TDC, and many others.  They took my concept and did amazing work with it, and I now can still listen to this soundtrack and dive back into the Dark Moon universe, which is an incredible thing to me.  I still feel like I can do better, and really hope to offer a new soundtrack along with the next part of our story, that works even better to give people that experience I appreciated so much as a kid.  It’s not going to be easy, but I think it is worth it.