Dark Moon #1 Revisited

When we first put out Dark Moon #1, it was in the midst of absolute chaos, being the first motion comic we had ever done, and it was just myself and the artist, both with no previous comic experience.  The original plan was to release the print comic with a soundtrack, but at the time, that plan had become very delayed, and we had to make the motion comic happen no matter what, it was actually sort of a back up plan but it quickly became our only chance to put the comic out on time.

All said and done, it was a success.  I knew there were a lot of great elements to the motion comic, and that people would like it to some degree, but I was really surprised to find out how much people understood and appreciated what we were doing, despite some flaws, most of them being due to lack of experience.  I am also thankful for the constructive criticism that helped us identify where we needed to improve.

Based on the positive feedback from fans, we continued making the motion comic, and #2 and #3 were made with much more confidence, and also weren’t rushed by a lot of the issues we ran into with #1.  We have been improving on all levels, and now I can look at the comic as a whole and know we are making something special.

But for me, #1 has never felt finished.  I was so rushed to get the comic together, and having never used the Madefire motion comic creation software before, there were some compromises and mistakes.  Most of the issues are extremely minor, but to me they are major, as I’ve put years of work into this comic, and it really has bothered me that our first episode had some easy to fix flaws.  

Ever since I found Kuen Tang, our amazing letterer, and saw what a improvement having a pro letterer made on #2 and #3, I knew we would update our first motion comic with her lettering when possible.  So that is the main change in this revised version.  But since we are making this change, I have also decided to make a few more improvements.  A few lines of dialogue have been re-written, nothing that affects plot, but just some rookie mistakes of mine.  Also, a couple scene transitions are being updated, and the overall flow has been subtly changed.  

I think this will help the feeling of continuity for the whole series, and also I think it’s a better introduction to our universe, since for a lot of people, our first motion comic is their first real experience with us.  I just feel better knowing all three of our existing comics match, and the series starts off as epic-ly (apparently that’s not a word) as it is supposed to.  

Since the lettering is already finished, the revised version should be available in a matter of days, and for me, it couldn’t have come any sooner, I am excited to finally release this important update!