The Dark Moon Movie

As stated a number of times on this blog, we are learning as we go with this comic series.  It started as an idea I had to combine a print comic with a custom music soundtrack, then we ended up finding that the motion comic format worked extremely well for what we are trying to do.  Now recently in previous blog posts I’ve speculated on what other formats we might try.  In a very real sense, fans are watching our series slowly evolve.  

So in the spirit of this, we will soon bring forth our official movie trailer!  The idea behind this trailer is to show Dark Moon’s potential as a fully animated movie.  While animated movies may not seem cutting edge, our approach to it will be, and this will be evident from the trailer!  The trailer features the voice of renowned actor Tony Todd, who is a horror legend from his roles as Candyman and in the Final Destination movies, as well as many more great roles.  

Tony Todd’s voice is perfect for the lead character, Dante, and having him as part of this has added an amazing dimension to our comic.  This is something that wouldn’t be possible in motion comic form, but with animated movies, where dialog is used in place of speech bubbles, it is an incredible fit, and once I found out this was something we could pull off, I knew we had to pursue it!

With the combination of great art, music, animation, and good voice acting like that of Tony Todd, it has been possible for us to create a really amazing movie trailer, which will debut next month.  The goal of this movie trailer is to find a partner that has the right experience to take our amazing content to the next level in the form of a feature length movie.  This would be the best of all possible outcomes in my opinion.

If for whatever reason we don’t find the right partnership, the trailer will also be a great start for a kickstarter campaign for us to raise money to do a shortened version of the film by ourselves.  While I would love to work with a full production company on a feature length version of our story, I think we could also pull off an amazing version on our own, and think our trailer shows what we are already able to do (it’s pretty damn cool)!  If this plan seems somewhat familiar, it is very similar to the “Kung Fury” plan, and while we can never aspire to that project’s level of amazing-ness, we think our project has a lot of the right elements needed for it to be highly successful as well.

An added benefit of being successful at making the movie, is that we will also have produced the content that will enable us to finish the motion comic series, and perhaps when we can find a distributor, to produce it in print comic form as well.  So for fans that want to see the comic play out, this is actually the best way of ensuring this occurs.  But rest assured, even if the fully animated movie doesn’t happen, we will find a way to finish the motion comic, but it will happen at a slower pace and will have it’s own set of difficulties.  But we hope to avoid those logistics altogether by getting this movie made, and could use everybody’s help on this!  If you ever wanted to root for an underdog, than please help support our shot at getting our comic made into a movie!