An Interesting Predicament

I finally had one of those game changing ideas about how to release the Dark Moon movie trailer, and it would be one of the coolest ways to market a trailer ever…  very hard to pull off, but possible, and it would be epic.  But to make things interesting, I had this breakthrough very late in the game, and to make things MUCH more interesting, I’ve somehow injured my shoulder badly, and can barely concentrate on anything due to the pain.  Hopefully my doctor’s appointment this week results in at least a temporary solution, I can only hope.

I’ve had some success with marketing as an independent music artist before, but know how hard it is to do something that can really catch fire in the press, I’ve had it happen maybe twice, and both times I made mistakes that I’ve learned from.  Now I am trying to market a movie trailer, which I have no experience doing, and besides the basics, have really been struggling to come up with a fresh idea that would work.

Now I have it, the secret spice that will work, but pulling off the idea will take so much work.  It’s worth it though, it’s just fun watching people get thrilled by something like this, and that alone is reason enough to try.  I can’t say what my amazing idea is, because its success depends on it being a secret, but I know I need to start on it immediately!

The problem is that my right shoulder went from a little sore once in a while, to barely useable and constantly in major pain.  I’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment, but can only help there is a quick solution, at least enough of a solution to allow me to work hard on this trailer launch when I can after work and on weekends!

So I see an opportunity to really bring Dark Moon to the globe!  It is a bold, daring, crazy and awesome idea!  But my ability to pull it off while working, dealing with my shoulder, and everything else, will be absolutely put to the test.  I can’t even see how it’s possible at this point, but as Lao Tzu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, and this is so true here.  I must at least try to pull this off, but of course as Yoda said “There is no try, only do”.  

I just quoted Lao Tzu and Yoda in one paragraph.  High five!