Dark Moon Movie Update

Now that our movie trailer is out, and people can finally see the possibility of a full-length animated movie featuring the voice of Tony Todd, it is just too exciting of an idea not to try and pull off!  In our twitter poll the fans voted for the animated movie as the coolest way to complete our journey!  The movie would allow us to tell the full story that we’ve begun with our first three motion comics, in the most powerful way possible.  As an added bonus, in the process of making the movie, we would create the content that is needed to also complete the story in motion comic form simultaneously, making everyone (including us) happy!

So what’s the plan?

Well the plan was originally to have started a kickstarter campaign by now, to fund what’s needed to complete movie and final motion comic.  We have had to delay this somewhat now, because the animator that did such great work on our trailer and music video series, will not be available to animate the movie until Fall 2017 at earliest, and we did not want to wait this long.  So before we begin our kickstarter campaign, we are trying to find the right animator or animation team to pull off our movie with the style and atmosphere that will live up what we’ve started.  

The good news is that we may have found an animator, and hopefully this will work out and we can begin our fundraiser soon.  If it doesn’t, I am sure we will find the right artist.  And that’s the thing, it really has to be an AMAZING artist to pull this off.  But if we can find him or her, I really think we will be onto something amazing, with powerful art, music, and animation all working together with a creepy, action-filled storyline.  What’s not to love?

So stay-tuned!  We’ve appreciated your patience as we deal with this personnel issue, and you can trust that we will find a way to make our movie AWESOME!!!