Bird's Eye View

I haven’t posted an update in a while, because a lot of things have been changing with Dark Moon, and I wasn’t (and still am not) sure how everything will play out.  I didn’t want to post some info only to have it change right after.  But since I have some idea of what’s happening, I wanted to post it, since an update is much needed.

For now, the animated movie plans are on hold, and we are waiting for the right opportunity to possibly do this in the future.  Because of a number of factors that had changed since we created our movie trailer, I decided that trying to pull off the movie would be way too risky, and the last thing I wanted to do is end such a great run of surpassing expectations with an epic disaster.  The smarter move seems to be to wait for a better convergence of fates regarding this, and since I rarely make the smarter move I thought it would be worth a try in this case. ;P

Instead, our motion comic’s story arc will be completed in this final episode, coming out in late July, in the same format as the previous episodes, including a version for the Madefire app.  Unlike the first three episodes, we will be charging a small amount and not providing free on Youtube.  It’s been great to provide the first three motion comics for free, but in order to make this last one happen we will be selling the final episode.  The good news is that this is allowing us to provide even more complete content than our last releases, including an alternate version of the final episode, and a lot of other surprises, which we will be announcing soon.

So this summer the story arc that some fans started over three years ago will come to completion!  But as fans will see, there are places this story could travel to someday if we get the chance.  But this will definitely be the last in the original series of Dark Moon motion comics, which is a highly atmospheric, electronic music charged original experience with some unique artwork that fits the story and music perfectly.  Dark Moon was always more of an experimental project than traditional comic in nature, but I’m so happy this 4-part motion comic turned out to be a memorable experience for it’s “unique combination of flavors”.  

The final episode is the hardest, I am finding, but there is so much to love about it, I am happy to say I think fans will be in for a real treat.  It’s still in production, but I can already feel magic in parts of it, and moments where the iconic, refreshing artwork, the ghostly music, and the story all come together is what Dark Moon is all about!

I’ll be posting more frequently now that production is in full swing, and there is some certainty to where we are headed.  While a lot has changed since we started our motion comic, the goal of giving fans something unique and from the heart remains, and it will be the driving force in our final motion comic!

P.S.  There’s some things brewing behind the scenes with Dark Moon, that I hope to be able to announce shortly!  More updates on the way!