The "Teleported" Album

When I first came up with the idea for Dark Moon, it started in my head as a print comic with a CD, since I loved listening to music while reading comics.  I wanted to have them both designed for each other, where the music complimented the comic, and vice versa.  We actually did release Dark Moon #1 that way, but along the way we learned more about motion comics, and due to many factors, we ended up pursuing this as the format for the rest of our series.

I have been really happy with this choice, but I missed the print comic and CD feel.  It was great to be able to “linger” in a full length soundtrack, or take it in the car with me and stay in that world even when not reading.  As I see it, Dark Moon is meant to be experienced in a variety of formats, the linear main story is just one element of the experience.  The elements can be changed and as still it is part of the Dark Moon universe, as long as it stays true to the spirit of the journey.

After many years of hard work creating this series, and now finishing it this summer in less than two weeks, I wanted to do something special.  Finishing the story would be cool enough, but to be true to what I wanted this to be about, I thought for a long time about how I wanted to end Dark Moon.  I wanted fans to have a thrill ride ending to the story, but also I wanted to go back to what made Dark Moon special to begin with.

I decided what I really wanted to do is to leave fans with an album that touches to the core of what Dark Moon is about.  I ended up working with Myka 9, who did the amazing songs “This Dark Moon” and “Synthetic Intelligence” from the first soundtrack, on a complete album featuring his amazing vocal abilities and themes from the Dark Moon universe, in addition to other sci-fi themes that Myka 9 helped me develop, that I consider alternate dimensions of the universe!  

Also, since most of my background is in music, comics being just a recent diversion, I wanted to make this an album to remember, so I spent more time on this album than any other project I’ve ever worked on!  There are so many little details that really add up, that I truly feel like it is a classic music experience, and I’m also grateful to Myka 9 for taking this project seriously, and putting his heart into it.  Myka 9 has always written and rapped about concepts such as teleportation and quantum physics, so the blending of our worlds happened naturally, and I think that’s what ties this album in with the comic so perfectly!

The “Teleported” album comes out at the same time as the final episode of Dark Moon #4, on July 28th, but you can pre-order it today on Bandcamp.  For fans of Dark Moon, there are a lot of awesome benefits to pre-ordering the album.  For instance, if you pre-order, you get an advance link to Dark Moon #4 a week before release.  Also, if you pre-order by July 20th, you get your name listed at the end of our motion comic!  Also, one of the more intriguing offers, is that I am also including a short document that explains some secrets of Dark Moon, why it was originally created, and what it may lead to in the future.  This info will only be included with this album, as I like to keep elements of Dark Moon a mystery.

This album took well over a year to create, and I’m selling it for $5 for a digital copy, or $7 for a physical copy, because I’d like every fan of Dark Moon to have this album!  I hope you enjoy the final episode of Dark Moon, and I hope you enjoy our art and music for many years to come!