The Quest to Make a Dark Moon Movie

I’m calling it a quest at this point, because to me it feels like one.  A couple years ago I was able to put together a small team to make the Dark Moon motion comics, doing all the work besides drawing and lettering myself, with no previous comic making experience, and this itself was a major challenge, but we did it and I couldn’t be happier with the finished work.  Dark Moon is a unique experience, and something I am truly happy to share with the world.

But motion comics are such a cutting edge art, that there isn’t much of a market for them at the present time, which is why I’ve put them out for free, since I would rather share them with everyone for free, then put a price tag on them and have only a few people check them out.  So in all honesty the Dark Moon series has slowed down, due to lack of my ability to self-fund it further.  This is not a sad thing to me, I am so happy to have shared these motion comics with the world, and it was worth every penny and hour of time spent.  

But I needed to find a new way to keep Dark Moon going, and this is the reason for the long delay after the third episode.

I started to look into fundraising options such as kickstarter, and this is still an option to finish the motion comic, but also during this break, I began to see the possibilities of turning the existing Dark Moon art, plus new art, into an animated movie, where I would be able to add voice-overs, awesome FX, more action, and more music and sound FX options than in motion comic form.  The idea grew in my head that the story started with the Dark Moon motion comics could be finished as a movie.  

The animated movie would give long-time fans the ability to experience the existing story in a completely new medium, and then finish the story (the initial story at least, as with most comics, there are ALWAYS possibilities for more!) in a very satisfactory way.  New viewers would also enjoy it just as the crazy abstract animated sci-fi/horror story that it is.  

Also, at this same time, I saw the possibilities of having voice overs from awesome actors, such as the iconic actor Tony Todd, who I got in contact with, that would give the story such added depth.  I couldn’t resist in seeing where this was going to lead.

So we made the Dark Moon movie trailer, which we were able to get Tony Todd to be part of, and this was a good proof of concept for what we would pull off as an animated movie.  The movie trailer was a great experience, and seeing long-time fans get excited about it was great.  We then performed a poll to make sure fans wanted the animated movie to happen, and they did, so we began pursuing making this happen.  

From there, we have had some major difficulties and setbacks.  The original animator we had worked with on the movie trailer as well as our music video series, said he would not be able to work on the project in the time frame we planned on.  Also, other issues have emerged, some of which I have to keep private for confidentiality reasons, making this already huge project more complicated than originally thought.

So, I’ve found a new animator, and the initial test went well, and we’re in the process of working with him on a larger test, to be sure he is right before jumping into the whole movie.  This larger test will be a new Dark Moon music video, and I’ll hopefully be sharing it in a few weeks or so, to show everyone what this new animator can do.  I’m paying for this larger test out of my own money, because I don’t want to raise funds to hire him for the movie, without being fully sure he will do an awesome job.

As far as other issues, I believe we can be successful, as long as the animator is right for the job.  I am determined to jump any hurdles necessary to make sure however we finish the story, it will be epic and amazing, and it will put a smile on the faces of all the Dark Moon fans from the past, present, and the future!

Our fundraiser, likely on Kickstarter, has been delayed to a tentative date of Feb. 1st, 2017, based on the reasons listed above.  Like I mentioned, we are only going to start when we are sure we can accomplish our goal of making a totally awesome animated movie, so I apologize for the delays.

One way or another, the Dark Moon story will be completed.  I once again want to thank all the fans for their patience, there’s nothing I want to do more than finish this story for everyone, and also for me, since I am a Dark Moon fan too!  I appreciate all the love and support, and hope everyone has a great holiday and end of the year!