Thanks for checking out our album, Teleported, and feel free to contact the producer Freematik anytime at regarding any questions you have about the album, or for interview/Radio ID requests!

We can also send promo materials out, such as more print comics, CD's, artwork, album download codes, and even T-shirts if you really dig this project!  The Dark Moon universe this album comes from is deep, so if you'd like some suggestions on how to explore the universe, send Freematik an email or contact us on social media!

All songs except for #10: "On One" are clean and radio friendly!!!

Contact Freematik for a Radio ID with an Alien voice!!!

We do all radio ID's using a custom sound effect made from a modular synthesizer, no two radio Id's are alike!  Get your custom radio ID by contacting Freematik at!

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Interviews with Myka 9 are available!!!

Contact: Freematik at or 408-667-9311

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